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how To Choose The Right Garbage Bag?

Nov. 20, 2020

1. Choose a reputable or good Garbage Bag Supplier

Garbage Bags, like other daily necessities, have many brands. When we choose, we should pay attention to choosing the brand. It is recommended that we choose a sorted garbage bag with good reputation or high sales volume. This may be relatively expensive, but quality or performance is generally better.

2. Select sorting garbage bags with sorting performance

At present, there are many types of flat-mouth garbage bags on the market, some of which are ordinary break-point type and rectangular flat bags as a whole, but it is recommended that you purchase classified garbage bags with classification function. This sorting garbage bag can be classified according to the type of garbage, so it is more convenient to collect.

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring Bags

3. Choose a sorted trash bag that is larger than the trash can

I believe everyone has a deep understanding of this. If the trash bag is smaller than the trash can, it is inconvenient to put it on the trash can first, and it is easy to tear and break. Sometimes garbage will flood the garbage bag, which is more troublesome to clean up. But the sorting garbage bag cannot be much larger than the trash can, because it will cause waste, usually three to five centimeters.

4. Select Drawstring Bags of Breakpoint Type

Breakpoint sorting garbage bags are easy to store and do not take up space. Secondly, this is more economical and cheaper than buying dozens of them alone, and it can usually be used for a long time.

5. Try to choose flat bottom garbage bags

Compared with round bottom or octagonal bottom, flat bottom flat mouth garbage bag is more suitable and has a larger capacity. It is more economical and affordable to choose such flat mouth garbage bags.

The above is the method of selecting garbage bags introduced by Garbage Bag Manufacturer. Hope to help you.