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Polish Eyes to Easily Identify Degradable Packaging

Jan. 19, 2020

Packaging bags can be seen everywhere in our lives, while providing great convenience to people, they also cause "white pollution" due to their difficult degradation characteristics. In fact, environmentally friendly packaging bags have been successfully developed and widely used in various industries. So what is an "environment-friendly packaging bag" and what kind of packaging bag can be called an "environment-friendly packaging bag"?

There are two types of "environmental-friendly packaging bags". One is made from recycled materials such as bagasse and starch, called "recyclable environmentally-friendly packaging bags." The other type of environmentally-friendly packaging bags is made by adding degradable masterbatch and passing molecules in plastic bags. The interaction can accelerate the decomposition under the condition of light or light and heat. This kind of environmentally friendly packaging bag is also called "Biodegradable Bag".

Biodegradable Bag

Biodegradable Bag

Why are environmentally friendly packaging bags environmentally friendly?

The reason why environmental protection packaging bags are environmentally friendly is precisely because it breaks the defect that traditional plastic bags are difficult to degrade for a century, and shortens the degradation time to 2 to 3 years. For example, the use of plastic film made of environmentally friendly plastics will not cause the soil to harden when applied to the land. After the current season's crops are harvested, they will be decomposed by light and heat, which will not affect the planting of the next season's crops. Bags not only retain the advantages of strong, cheap and convenient plastic bags, they are more easily degraded after being discarded, and will not fly like a traditional plastic bag.

With the implementation of the waste classification policy in many cities across the country, many places have begun to bid for products. Demand for biodegradable Garbage Bags is also increasing. As a relatively new field, degradable plastic technology is easily "fooled" by unscrupulous businesses. This has happened before and even caused irreparable losses to buyers. Therefore, we have put together a little knowledge about how to choose products and how to distinguish them. As long as we keep our eyes wide open at the time of purchase, we can easily identify them. So how should we distinguish between good and bad? The following Biodegradable Bag Manufacturer will come to tell you.

1. The strength of the company

The strength here mainly refers to technical aquatic products and research and development strength. Real plastic degradation technology has a high technical content. If the company does not have a certain R & D capability and there is no corresponding independent intellectual property rights system and patent system, then the effect and performance of the product can be imagined. On the other hand, it is judged whether the other party is an agent or has its own production capacity.

2. Product identification

At present, the country has no clear regulations, so the labeling of related products is confusing, but each company will have its own corresponding labeling. In addition, the product materials will also be clearly marked. If the other party claims that he is an authoritative degradable mark recognized by the state, then the buyer needs to consider its authenticity.

3. Product quality

The most important function of a biodegradable bag is to load items, and it should meet the needs of most items. For example, the toughness, load-bearing properties, and tightness of a bag containing glass and iron products can be evaluated by actual pull tests and load tests.

After confirming the above three points, we can basically make a preliminary judgment on the enterprise. When making further judgments, the buyer will have some psychological confidence. At the same time, price is also an important indicator of judgment. Downgraded products have a certain technical cost, so the price must be higher than ordinary products. Only when there are reasonable profits can there be reasonable products and services.