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How Much Do You Know About Medical Gloves?

Sep. 01, 2020

Why use Medical Gloves?

Protect patients and medical staff

Prevent microbial contamination of hands and infections spread through hands

Protect your hands against the following risks:

Occasional minor accidents

Environmental cleaning and prevention of dirt

Low chemical damage

Slight contusion

Points for using medical gloves

Medical gloves are only allowed for one-time use

Medical gloves are only used for each patient and each diagnosis

According to the use environment and requirements, different gloves of ordinary cleanness or sterilization should be used

Gloves that should be discarded when reused are unclean and risk infection.

PE glove

PE glove

How to use medical gloves correctly

Wear medical gloves with clean and dry hands

Hands should be cleaned and disinfected before wearing gloves

The hands after cleaning and disinfection should be fully dry before wearing medical gloves

The hands after taking off the gloves may have been contaminated, so the hands should be cleaned and disinfected again immediately after taking off the gloves

In any case of contact with contaminants, full care should be taken to remove gloves in the correct way

The outer surface of the used gloves must not touch the user's skin

Wear a layer of gloves before taking off the gloves when necessary-to reduce the risk of skin contamination when taking off the gloves (for example, when exposed to chemicals)

How to wear medical gloves:

select medical gloves of appropriate size; check the expiration date on the outer packaging of the gloves; check whether the outer packaging is tight; wash your hands or disinfect surgical hands before wearing sterile gloves; open the glove bag; lift the opening of the pocket with one hand, With the other hand, pinch the folded part of the glove (the inner surface of the glove) and take out the glove; align the five fingers and put it on; in the same way, lift the other bag opening, insert the finger wearing the medical glove into the inner surface of the cuff of the other glove, and put the glove on OK, then put on the flip part of the glove, fold your hands together, and adjust the position of the glove crosswise.

How to take off the medical gloves:

use the gloved hand to pinch the edge of the contaminated surface of the other glove to take off the glove, use the gloved hand to hold the removed glove, and use the gloved hand to pinch the other glove Only clean the edge of the surface (inner surface) of the glove, take off the glove, pinch the inside of the glove with your hand, and throw it into the medical waste container. Wash your hands after removing the medical glove.

Medical gloves are different from Blue Disposable Glove, they can play a real role, so you should pay attention to the occasion when choosing gloves. If you need them or if you don’t understand, please contact the Medical Glove Supplier