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The Color Of Garbage Bags

Aug. 25, 2020

In the current epidemic situation, there are many yellow garbage bags in sorted garbage bins in many places. Why are they Yellow Garbage Bags? How is it different from our daily garbage bags? Are there any other colors besides the yellow garbage bags? The garbage bag manufacturer brings us a sharing and learning about the colors of various garbage bags.

Internationally, Garbage Bags are generally divided into five types: green, yellow, red, blue, and gray.

1. Red:

It stands for hazardous substances and is sometimes marked in orange. Hazardous substances include waste batteries, fluorescent tubes, paint, expired medicines, cosmetics and other non-recyclable substances with certain pollution hazards.

2. Green:

In the case of a combination of multiple plastic trash bins, green represents kitchen waste, which can be used as fertilizer for plant nutrients. After the soil is buried, it can be decomposed and absorbed by natural microorganisms and plants, playing a role in waste recycling.

Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

3. Blue:

Represents recyclable garbage, including plastic, paper, metal and other valuable materials. These materials will be included in the waste recycling system for resource recycling.

4. Gray:

Except for garbage other than hazardous materials and recyclable materials, bricks, ceramics, muck and other wastes that are difficult to recycle, these materials are generally incinerated, buried, etc.

5. Yellow:

Represents a special trash can for medical waste, generally used in hospitals, health stations and other medical places.

We learned about the color classification of garbage bags from Garbage Bag Suppliers. It turns out that yellow garbage bags are a special treatment combined with the current epidemic. In hospitals, yellow garbage bags are also used to store medical waste. We have not only learned knowledge, but also can guide our daily life and carry out the concept of environmental protection from me to the end.