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4 Secret Uses of Drawstring Garbage Bags

Jul. 22, 2020

Drawstring trash bags should have been touched by everyone, and they know their purpose. They bring a lot of convenience to people's lives, are conducive to garbage classification, and provide a guarantee for environmental protection. Do you know other uses of garbage bags? It doesn't matter if you don't know. Next, the Biodegradable Compostable Bag Supplier will introduce you to these practical knowledge.

1. Help prevent mouldy leather shoes.

First, dry the shoes with a damp cloth, apply shoe polish, wait a while, scrub with a shoe brush, put it in a closed black garbage bag, exhaust the air in the bag, and fix the bag mouth with a rope. The leather shoes collected in this way can prevent the leather shoes from drying, deforming, and mildewing.

2. Consume less energy

The manufacturing process of Biodegradable Compostable Bags requires less energy and does not need to recycle fossil fuels. On the contrary, traditional plastics require more energy in their production and at the same time need to burn fossil fuels. Because less energy is required, more bioplastics can be produced while reducing environmental pollution.

3. Need less landfill

Non-biodegradable plastics, such as Green Biodegradable Compostable Bags, are sent to landfills for disposal. Therefore, the land area that could be used for agricultural, residential or industrial applications is converted to landfills. If you use bioplastics, you don't need to add more landfills, because these plastics can be absorbed by the soil and converted into compost or humus.

4. Protect leaking water pipes.

Washing machine drain pipe often leaks due to bending and aging. The cracks in the drainpipe can be wrapped in several layers with a 10cm wide garbage bag, and then a longer plastic rope is used to wind one end of the drawstring garbage bag along the spiral groove to the other end to block the cracks in the water pipe and prevent the water pipe from leaking.

As we all know, ordinary garbage bags are too thin to break, are prone to wear and leakage, and cannot lock out odors. The drawstring garbage bags of our factory can avoid these problems. The concentration process design has stronger bearing capacity, is not easy to wear and leak, and there is no problem with the extraction of heavy garbage. Ensure that the garbage bag will not break or leak during use. It can fill several bottles of mineral water without pressure.