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Fully Biodegradable Packaging Bags "Reduce Pressure" For The Environment

Jan. 11, 2021

When we walked into the supermarket, 80% of the products in it were plastic-packaged products. This kind of Plastic Packaging Bags are used in huge quantities, but they are difficult to degrade and bring a serious burden to the environment.

Massive marine debris

The ocean has become a garbage dump. In some areas, hundreds of thousands or even millions of tons of plastic garbage are floating, and there may be more garbage deposited in unknown areas. The trash visible to our naked eyes is only a small part of it. Approximately 3 billion tons of polymer materials are produced in the world every year, and these polymer materials are widely used in various fields. It is conservatively estimated that about one-thousandth of the polymer materials will eventually flow to the sea in the form of plastic waste. Year after year, the total amount of plastic waste collected in the sea is already huge.

Biodegradable Bag

Biodegradable Bag

Invade the food chain

When plastic enters the sea, the debris is easily mixed with plankton. Larger organisms will eat the plastic particles along with the plankton. However, the microplastic particles are difficult to digest and will eventually accumulate in the body of marine organisms. As the food chain enters the human body.

Plastics have a variety of effects in the organism-most of which are adverse effects. These plastics usually release some compounds that can affect the secretion of hormones, which in turn affect animal behavior.

Degradable plastic packaging bags bring solutions

Degradable plastic packaging bags are packaging bags made of fully biodegradable plastic granular materials, which can be degraded and used for product or food packaging. The difference with ordinary plastic bags is that, after being discarded, degradable plastic packaging bags can be degraded under natural conditions or under specific conditions of composting by the action of microorganisms existing in nature, and finally converted into carbon dioxide and water, while ordinary plastic packaging The bag is not degradable, or it takes about five hundred years to degrade, which is harmful to the environment.

The fully Biodegradable Bag adopts the technical circuit of renewable plant-based material polymerization. Through the self-developed domestic industrialized equipment, the fully biodegradable material has been successfully produced. Various test indicators show that the products made by this material have basically reached the ordinary The various physical and mechanical properties of plastics can completely replace ordinary plastics and are more environmentally friendly and safer than ordinary plastics.

The development of biodegradable bags is now a general trend, and traditional plastic products will eventually be replaced by biodegradable products. The fully biodegradable bags have undergone multiple inspections and have been certified in a variety of industries. They are definitely the first choice for the "raw material transformation" of traditional plastic manufacturers.

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