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The Wide Use of Disposable Gloves in Various Industries

Sep. 24, 2020

Disposable gloves play a certain role in various industries, so which industries are they used in? Next, the Clear Glove Manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction:

Food processing field:

Food Clear Glove are the company's protection for the food industry. The processing and use of gloves are specially designed and produced, which especially reflect their hygiene, health, safety, oil resistance, alkali resistance, and durability. The products have been processed by domestic and foreign foods. Disposable gloves must be used when working in the food hygiene industry. The most common disposable plastic gloves used in lobster shops on the streets and alleys in summer are the most common ones in the market, and foods such as big bones and duck necks are inseparable from disposable PE gloves.

Household cleaning field:

Disposable gloves for household cleaning are specially designed and manufactured by the company for the characteristics of use in the field of sanitation and cleaning. They especially reflect their acid and alkali resistance, oil and water resistance, and flexible and soft characteristics. The product has been widely used in household care. , Daily cleaning, sanitation protection and many other uses.

Clear Glove

Clear Glove

Hairdressing and dyeing areas:

Disposable gloves for hairdressing and hair dyeing are gloves specially designed and produced by the company for the characteristics of the beauty and hairdressing industry. They especially reflect their waterproof, oil-proof, hair-dye, oil-proof, dexterous, soft and easy-to-use characteristics. The product has been used in the beauty salon widely used.

medical field:

The Blue Disposable Glove for medical examinations are specially designed and produced by the company for the characteristics of the medical industry. It especially reflects its anti-bacterial, acid and alkali resistance, anti-infection and anti-allergic characteristics. The product has become the medical work of domestic medical institutions. It is necessary to use protective gloves.

Industrial field:

Industrial-specific disposable gloves are gloves specially designed and processed by the company according to the characteristics of the factory processing industry. It especially reflects its anti-static, good breathability, comfort, acid and oil resistance and bacteria resistance. The products are already in China, Japan, South Korea, Food processing companies in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other countries and regions recognize and use them as essential protective gloves for work.