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100 gallon trash bags

May. 07, 2020

We often use garbage bags in our daily life, and the yard garbage truck usually has 100 trash bags. It is not only a large capacity but also more convenient to use.

The bags are mainly made of plastic, which is made from petroleum, and they take about 200 years to rot and seriously pollute the soil. If the incineration treatment will produce harmful smoke and dust and toxic gas, long-term pollution of the environment.

Garbage bags

Many countries and regions have banned or restricted the use of plastic bags. The San Francisco city council has passed a bill to ban plastic bags from supermarkets, pharmacies, and other retailers. In cities such as Los Angeles, governments are starting to recycle plastic bags. Some places in countries such as Canada, Australia, and Brazil have banned plastic shopping bags or paid for them.

garbage bags

Trash bag selection criteria

Firstly, according to the design concept of environmental protection, choose the garbage bag:

First buy "large-capacity", because the average trash bag can only hold 2/3 of the capacity. It is not good for garbage cleaning, choose "automatic garbage bag, can make full use of the capacity of the garbage bag space, can be more garbage, so less plastic bags.

The 2nd want trash bag to divide two kinds of design, one kind is flat bottom, one kind is the octagonal bottom. A flat - bottomed garbage bag with large capacity. The octagonal bottom point bearing force is stronger.

The third label USES high-strength PE pure new material, which is more stretchy, more flexible, and durable than the bag body which only USES secondary recycled material. Matters needing attention

The fourth choice is to facilitate the collection of garbage bags, so, conducive to the disposal of garbage. If the garbage bag is easy to break and leak, it is not easy to close the mouth.

Environmental protection measures

garbage bags

Technology research and development

The biodegradable plastic bags on the market only add 10%-15% of the biodegradable ingredients, but there are still 85-90% can not be completely degraded, and because of the addition of biodegradable additives, but cause the load-bearing and leak-proof function decline, increase consumer consumption, to achieve complete degradation in the technology is still to be overcome.

Garbage classification

In addition to the continuous research and development of new technologies, consumers can use different colors of garbage bags to implement garbage classification storage, can be put in the kitchen black, for storage of non-recyclable garbage; Pink in the living room and study for storing recyclable rubbish. In this way, garbage classification can save money, protect the environment, and properly recycle resources.

To useless

The government should further cultivate, educate, and permeate the advanced concept of "resource classification" for environmental protection. Paying for plastic bags is more than that. Giving up plastic bags seems like a small thing, in fact, it is a 'revolution' in people's way of life, is bound to bring pain to people. For consumers who are used to using plastic bags for free, it takes a process to change their long-established consumption habits, which requires extensive publicity and education from the whole society.

So we need to use 100% biodegradable plastic bags, which not only protect the environment but also facilitate our life.